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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League One Playoffs 16/17

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Sky Bet League One Playoffs 16/17 Les joueurs plus jeunes

DM Jouers L'Équipes Nationalité DdN A(J)
20-May-2017Fred Onyedinma

Fred Onyedinma

Millwall England24-Nov-199620(177)
07-May-2017Cameron Brannagan

Cameron Brannagan

Fleetwood Town England09-May-199620(363)
04-May-2017Josh Cullen

Josh Cullen

Bradford City Republic of Ireland07-Apr-199621(27)
04-May-2017Ivan Toney

Ivan Toney

Scunthorpe United England14-Feb-199621(80)
07-May-2017Alex Gilliead

Alex Gilliead

Bradford City England11-Feb-199621(86)
04-May-2017Wes Burns

Wes Burns

Fleetwood Town Wales28-Oct-199521(189)
04-May-2017Ashley Hunter

Ashley Hunter

Fleetwood Town England29-Sep-199521(218)
04-May-2017Kyle Dempsey

Kyle Dempsey

Fleetwood Town England17-Sep-199521(230)
07-May-2017Mahlon Romeo

Mahlon Romeo

Millwall Antigua and Barbuda19-Sep-199521(231)
04-May-2017Ben Davies

Ben Davies

Fleetwood Town England11-Aug-199521(267)
04-May-2017Devante Cole

Devante Cole

Fleetwood Town England10-May-199521(360)
07-May-2017George Glendon

George Glendon

Fleetwood Town England03-May-199522(5)
07-May-2017Duane Holmes

Duane Holmes

Scunthorpe United England06-Nov-199422(183)
04-May-2017Jordy Hiwula

Jordy Hiwula

Bradford City England21-Sep-199422(226)
20-May-2017Alexander Jones

Alexander Jones

Bradford City England28-Sep-199422(235)

Amari'i Bell

Fleetwood Town England05-May-199422(365)
04-May-2017Jed Wallace

Jed Wallace

Millwall England15-Dec-199323(140)
04-May-2017Aiden O

Aiden O'Brien

Millwall Republic of Ireland04-Oct-199323(212)
04-May-2017Jordan Archer

Jordan Archer

Millwall Scotland12-Apr-199324(22)
04-May-2017Conor Townsend

Conor Townsend

Scunthorpe United England04-Mar-199324(61)
04-May-2017Murray Wallace

Murray Wallace

Scunthorpe United Scotland10-Jan-199324(114)
04-May-2017Alex Cairns

Alex Cairns

Fleetwood Town England04-Jan-199324(120)
04-May-2017Charlie Wyke

Charlie Wyke

Bradford City England06-Dec-199224(149)
04-May-2017Timothee Dieng

Timothee Dieng

Bradford City France09-Apr-199225(25)
07-May-2017Cian Bolger

Cian Bolger

Fleetwood Town Republic of Ireland12-Mar-199225(56)
04-May-2017Sam Mantom

Sam Mantom

Scunthorpe United England20-Feb-199225(74)
04-May-2017Jordan Clarke

Jordan Clarke

Scunthorpe United England19-Nov-199125(167)
04-May-2017Josh Morris

Josh Morris

Scunthorpe United England30-Sep-199125(217)
04-May-2017Conor McLaughlin

Conor McLaughlin

Fleetwood Town Northern Ireland26-Jul-199125(283)
04-May-2017Shane Ferguson

Shane Ferguson

Millwall Northern Ireland12-Jul-199125(297)
04-May-2017Ashley Eastham

Ashley Eastham

Fleetwood Town England22-Mar-199126(44)
04-May-2017Jamie Ness

Jamie Ness

Scunthorpe United Scotland02-Mar-199126(64)
07-May-2017Calum Butcher

Calum Butcher

Millwall England26-Feb-199126(71)
04-May-2017Shaun Hutchinson

Shaun Hutchinson

Millwall England23-Nov-199026(163)
04-May-2017Markus Schwabl

Markus Schwabl

Fleetwood Town Germany26-Aug-199026(252)
04-May-2017Robert Grant

Robert Grant

Fleetwood Town England01-Jul-199026(308)
04-May-2017Patrick Madden

Patrick Madden

Scunthorpe United Republic of Ireland04-Mar-199027(61)
04-May-2017David Ball

David Ball

Fleetwood Town England14-Dec-198927(141)
04-May-2017Shaun Cummings

Shaun Cummings

Millwall Jamaica25-Feb-198928(68)
07-May-2017Stephen Darby

Stephen Darby

Bradford City England06-Oct-198828(213)
04-May-2017Lee Gregory

Lee Gregory

Millwall England26-Aug-198828(251)
04-May-2017James Meredith

James Meredith

Bradford City Australia04-Apr-198829(30)
04-May-2017Nicky Law

Nicky Law

Bradford City England29-Mar-198829(36)
04-May-2017Billy Clarke

Billy Clarke

Bradford City Republic of Ireland13-Dec-198729(143)
04-May-2017Mark Marshall

Mark Marshall

Bradford City Jamaica05-May-198729(365)
04-May-2017Rory McArdle

Rory McArdle

Bradford City Northern Ireland01-May-198730(4)
04-May-2017Nathaniel Knight-Percival

Nathaniel Knight-Percival

Bradford City England31-Mar-198730(35)
04-May-2017Byron Webster

Byron Webster

Millwall England31-Mar-198730(35)
04-May-2017Joe Anyon

Joe Anyon

Scunthorpe United England29-Dec-198630(127)
04-May-2017Shaun Williams

Shaun Williams

Millwall Republic of Ireland19-Oct-198630(198)

DM = Date du Match,

DdN = Date de naissance,

A(J) = Age(Jours).