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Club Statistics for Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 16/17

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Sky Bet League Two Playoffs 16/17 Les joueurs plus jeunes

DM Jouers L'Équipes Nationalité DdN A(J)
14-May-2017James Justin

James Justin

Luton Town England11-Jul-199917(308)
18-May-2017Bright Osayi-Samuel

Bright Osayi-Samuel

Blackpool England31-Dec-199719(138)
14-May-2017Jack Stacey

Jack Stacey

Exeter City England06-Apr-199621(38)
14-May-2017Ollie Watkins

Ollie Watkins

Exeter City England30-Dec-199521(136)
14-May-2017Jordan Flores

Jordan Flores

Blackpool England04-Oct-199521(223)
28-May-2017Christy Pym

Christy Pym

Exeter City England24-Apr-199522(35)
14-May-2017George Waring

George Waring

Carlisle United England02-Dec-199422(164)
14-May-2017Pierce Sweeney

Pierce Sweeney

Exeter City Republic of Ireland11-Sep-199422(246)
14-May-2017Jack Marriott

Jack Marriott

Luton Town England09-Sep-199422(248)
14-May-2017Stuart Moore

Stuart Moore

Luton Town England08-Sep-199422(249)
14-May-2017Glen Rea

Glen Rea

Luton Town England03-Sep-199422(254)
14-May-2017Brad Potts

Brad Potts

Blackpool England03-Jul-199422(316)
14-May-2017Daniel Potts

Daniel Potts

Luton Town England13-Apr-199423(31)
14-May-2017Jordan Moore-Taylor

Jordan Moore-Taylor

Exeter City England24-Jan-199423(110)
14-May-2017Will Aimson

Will Aimson

Blackpool England01-Jan-199423(133)
18-May-2017John O

John O'Sullivan

Carlisle United Republic of Ireland18-Sep-199323(242)
14-May-2017Isaac Vassell

Isaac Vassell

Luton Town England09-Sep-199323(247)
14-May-2017Clark Robertson

Clark Robertson

Blackpool Scotland05-Sep-199323(251)
14-May-2017Pelly Ruddock

Pelly Ruddock

Luton Town England17-Jul-199323(301)
18-May-2017Jordan Tilson

Jordan Tilson

Exeter City England05-Mar-199324(74)
14-May-2017Kyle Vassell

Kyle Vassell

Blackpool England07-Feb-199324(96)
14-May-2017Lawson D

Lawson D'Ath

Luton Town England24-Dec-199224(141)
14-May-2017Mark Cullen

Mark Cullen

Blackpool England21-Apr-199225(23)
14-May-2017Mark Gillespie

Mark Gillespie

Carlisle United England27-Mar-199225(48)
14-May-2017Jamie Proctor

Jamie Proctor

Carlisle United England25-Mar-199225(50)
18-May-2017Armand Gnanduillet

Armand Gnanduillet

Blackpool France13-Feb-199225(95)
14-May-2017Oliver Palmer

Oliver Palmer

Luton Town England21-Jan-199225(114)
14-May-2017Jack Payne

Jack Payne

Blackpool England05-Dec-199125(161)
14-May-2017Jake Taylor

Jake Taylor

Exeter City Wales01-Dec-199125(165)
14-May-2017Oliver Lee

Oliver Lee

Luton Town England11-Jul-199125(308)
14-May-2017Reggie Lambe

Reggie Lambe

Carlisle United Bermuda04-Feb-199126(100)
14-May-2017David Wheeler

David Wheeler

Exeter City England01-Feb-199126(103)
18-May-2017Nathan Delfouneso

Nathan Delfouneso

Blackpool England02-Feb-199126(106)
14-May-2017Kelvin Mellor

Kelvin Mellor

Blackpool England25-Jan-199126(110)
14-May-2017Troy Brown

Troy Brown

Exeter City Wales17-Sep-199026(240)
14-May-2017Tom Aldred

Tom Aldred

Blackpool Scotland11-Sep-199026(246)
14-May-2017Jamie Devitt

Jamie Devitt

Carlisle United Republic of Ireland06-Jul-199026(313)
14-May-2017Tom Miller

Tom Miller

Carlisle United England29-Jun-199026(320)
18-May-2017Jordan Cook

Jordan Cook

Luton Town England20-Mar-199027(59)
14-May-2017Danny Hylton

Danny Hylton

Luton Town England25-Feb-198928(78)
14-May-2017James Bailey

James Bailey

Carlisle United England18-Sep-198828(238)
14-May-2017Reuben Reid

Reuben Reid

Exeter City England26-Jul-198828(292)
14-May-2017Sam Slocombe

Sam Slocombe

Blackpool England05-Jun-198828(343)
14-May-2017Lloyd James

Lloyd James

Exeter City Wales16-Feb-198829(88)
28-May-2017Colin Daniel

Colin Daniel

Blackpool England15-Feb-198829(103)
14-May-2017Michael Raynes

Michael Raynes

Carlisle United England15-Oct-198729(212)
14-May-2017Shaun Miller

Shaun Miller

Carlisle United England25-Sep-198729(232)
14-May-2017Joel Grant

Joel Grant

Exeter City Jamaica23-Aug-198729(265)
14-May-2017Luke Joyce

Luke Joyce

Carlisle United England09-Jul-198729(310)
14-May-2017Scott Cuthbert

Scott Cuthbert

Luton Town Scotland15-Jun-198729(334)

DM = Date du Match,

DdN = Date de naissance,

A(J) = Age(Jours).